I'm Cassy Campbell, writer of supernatural scifi.  My books are a genre mashup of science fiction and fast-paced suspense, with a whiff of the supernatural and a touch of romance.  Regardless of the story, they are set in Otherworld, meaning any place other than contemporary ordinary here. Welcome to my site, and feel free to look around!


Jan 15

Deadlock, the third Darkwalk book, is here!  

Check it out on the Books page to see all the deets!

deadlock ecover final 72

Oct 14

Dreamclock is here!

Dreamclock cover new sm

It's finally here!  The sequel to Darkwalk has arrived!  Check it out on the Books page.  

Sept 2014: My new cover!

Here is my new cover for Dreamclock. Look for the story the beginning of October.  Let me know what you think in the comments on the blog.

Dreamclock cover new sm

4/14:  Progress is made!

Just wanted to keep all of my dedicated fans in the loop ;)  A new rough draft is born!  I've finished working on the "quick—won't take more than eight weeks, ten tops" project I started just after Christmas, and I have a complete rough draft.  Unfortunately for those of you eagerly awaiting the next book in a series, it's set in yet another new world.  But it does link back loosely to the Travelers series. When the third Travelers book comes out (hopefully later this year), you'll meet the main character of this series, Lieutenant Jason Corbin.  

And in other news, this means that once I've finished my current project, a fun little fallen angel story that just fell into my head and demanded to be written—immediately!—I'll be going back to the future.  My dystopian future, that is.  And there, I'll be writing the second Darkwalk story.  

So in short, lots of exciting stories on the horizon.  Stay tuned!

12/13:  A Plague in Paradise is now available!

plague final e-cover

Gin is a computer hacker and Traveler for the Department of Parallel and Otherdimensional Travel. When a teammate falls sick with a mysterious and deadly disease, she'll have to pit herself against the most venerated computer in the multiverse to save him before it's too late.  All she has to do is convince the Chief of Constables to help her break into the most guarded building in their world, then figure out how to hack into an unhackable supercomputer.  Good thing she's always up for a challenge.

Check it out on the books page!

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